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Coping With Cerebral Palsy: Strategies for Parents and Caregivers

Coping with cerebral palsy: Strategies for parents and caregivers

How do you effectively cope with Cerebral Palsy as a parent or caregiver? Developing a plan for care or determining how to help someone with Cerebral Palsy is essential in equipping them with the tools to manage it throughout their lifetime. At Sommers Roth & Elmaleh, our Cerebral Palsy lawyers can assist you in deciding whether your case resulted in negligence and help you receive compensation. 

Caring for those with Cerebral Palsy is challenging and places daily pressure on the caregiver. The daily task of managing symptoms can quickly become overwhelming. 

While we cannot find a cure, we can provide you with strategies to make life easier.

What are the Effects?

Children are at risk of this disorder from the pregnancy stages to birth. The severity is part of a broad spectrum. Some children may only experience poor coordination or slight tremors. For others, there may be total paralysis and the inability to communicate. 

This neurological disorder is non-progressive, meaning damage generated at birth doesn’t create further damage. Yet, despite the condition not worsening, it has lifelong implications for caregivers and the individual. This condition affects individuals in the following ways:

Thankfully, there are strategies and tools to assist parents and caregivers in helping people with Cerebral Palsy live productive lives. Those with Cerebral Palsy can live fulfilling lives with the proper rehabilitation and treatment. However, this is expensive. 

Coping Strategies for Caregivers

While there are varying degrees for those with Cerebral Palsy regarding abilities and limitations, some children may need complete care and may never lead independent lives. Caring for your child is essential and can be rewarding. Conversely, it can also be challenging. Parents frequently require assistance and need to know coping skills when things become overwhelming.

Caregivers can experience fatigue, stress, burnout, and depression. This can take its toll on the caregiver. However, there are strategies you can incorporate to cope with daily living. These include the following:

It’s not Just a Genetic Condition

While Cerebral Palsy is associated with chronic diseases, it is a neurological disorder. It targets the way your brain communicates with muscle groups. This disorder affects a person’s walking, speaking, and eating capabilities. 

Some parents are misinformed that it is solely a genetic condition. However, it can be caused by injury to the brain from a challenging birth, not having maternal medical conditions properly diagnosed or managed, and negligence from the delivery team. 

What Defines Adequate and Inadequate Care?

A doctor should take several steps to prevent Cerebral Palsy. These include:

Failure to conduct proper testing, manage health issues, and provide the best care in the birthing process can lead to Cerebral Palsy. It can also receive a “diagnosis” of malpractice, entitling you to compensation.

Can I sue for Medical Malpractice?

You might be able to file a medical malpractice claim against the hospital or medical professionals if negligence contributed to or caused injury to the brain. In determining the potential of your case, a Cerebral Palsy lawyer will review your medical records and additional documentation to ascertain whether the medical professionals involved provided substandard care. 

Since each case is unique, it should be done soon. If successful, you may receive compensation to assist you in paying for services needed for your child to live productively. 

Can I be Compensated if my Child Sustained Cerebral Palsy From Birth Injuries?

You might receive compensation if the condition was caused by medical negligence. You may then be able to receive money for loss of income, cost of future care, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, time caring for the child, and additional expenses. 

Who can Assist me in Filing a Lawsuit?

Suppose your child has suffered from Cerebral Palsy from medical negligence. In that case, our team of Cerebral Palsy lawyers can assist you in establishing your claim. We will examine the medical evidence with our team of professionals and determine if you may be entitled to compensation. 

To book your free consultation, call Sommers Roth & Elmaleh at 1-844-940-2386 or contact us here. We will help alleviate some pressures of caring for your loved one.

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