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Medical Self-Advocacy: How to Advocate for Your Medical Needs

Medical self-advocacy: How to advocate for your medical needs

A medical misdiagnosis can be devastating, especially when it comes to an illness like cancer. With cancer, the earlier it’s caught, the more likely it is that treatment will be effective – and that the treatment will be less invasive.

For example, with something like breast cancer, earlier detection may mean a woman only needs a lumpectomy or radiation instead of a full mastectomy or chemotherapy. Unfortunately, women, especially visible minorities, often don’t have their health concerns taken seriously by medical professionals.

We’ll explain:

If you have breast cancer and your doctor did not correctly diagnose it, you can file a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit. At Sommers, Roth and Elmaleh, we have extensive experience with medical misdiagnosis lawsuits, including breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuits.

Why is it important to advocate for my medical needs?

It’s important to advocate for your medical needs because you’re the person who will suffer the consequences if a doctor misdiagnoses you or subjects you to a delayed diagnosis.

Doctors are often busy and their focus might be on getting you in and out of their office as fast as possible. You are far more invested in your health than your doctor, so you must advocate for yourself.

If you’re female, it’s even more important to advocate for yourself. Women’s concerns, especially those of visible minorities, are often downplayed or outright dismissed by their doctors. Women tend to be reluctant to stand up for themselves for fear they’ll be labelled “emotional,” but you must advocate for yourself regarding your health.

How can I advocate for myself when it comes to my medical needs?

There are several ways you can advocate for yourself when it comes to your medical needs:

Why would I want to file a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit?

The primary purpose of any medical misdiagnosis lawsuit, including a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit, is to help the victim of the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis receive compensation for various things, including pain and suffering and lost wages. Treatment for later stages of breast cancer is far more time-consuming and invasive than earlier stages, which can have a massive effect on a patient’s physical and mental health.

In addition, the purpose of a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit is to ensure that medical professionals are held accountable for their actions. A successful medical misdiagnosis lawsuit can lead a doctor or a hospital to implement new protocols to ensure that patients receive better treatment and diagnoses in the future.

How can Sommers Roth and Elmaleh help me if I want to file a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit?

At Sommers Roth and Elmaleh, we can provide you with the support and guidance you need if you want to file a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit. We can discuss with you:

Advocating for Your Medical Needs Is Vital

We’ve explained why it’s so important to advocate for yourself when it comes to your medical needs and some ways you can do so. Speaking up for yourself can be challenging, but you deserve to live a healthy life and have your doctor take your questions and concerns seriously!

At Somers Roth and Elmaleh, we can help if your doctor’s dismissal of your concerns has led to a breast cancer misdiagnosis. We can explain what’s involved in filing a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit and what kind of compensation you may be eligible for.

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