Are You the Victim of a Hospital Error?

Are You the Victim of a Hospital Error?

No one likes spending time in a hospital. Whether you’ve had to go in for a quick trip to the emergency room or significant surgery, all you can think about is going home and getting better as fast as possible.

However, if you’ve been the victim of a hospital error, then you may run into problems with your attempts to heal and get back to your regular life. In this article, we’ll talk about three of the most common types of hospital errors:

  • Medication errors
  • Errors during surgery
  • Lab and testing errors

If you’ve been the victim of a hospital error, then you may require the services of a medical malpractice lawyer.

Medication Errors

The fallout from a medication error can be massive! These are some examples of medication errors:

  1. A patient is either given the wrong dose of medication or the wrong type of medication.
  2. A patient misses a dose of medicine due to a shift change or miscommunication between doctors and nurses.
  3. A patient is given medication in the hospital that causes a dangerous reaction with the medication the patient is already taking.

At best, a medication error won’t do any harm, but it can still stress out a patient and possibly subject them to a more extended stay in the hospital or extra tests. And, at worst, a medication error can seriously injure or even kill a patient.

If you’ve been the victim of a medication error, then you may need the services of medical malpractice lawyers.

Errors During Surgery

While surgery has become more routine, that doesn’t mean it’s not still an intimidating procedure for patients. If the surgery goes well, then a patient can have a new lease on life. If it goes poorly due to a surgical error, however, then the patient can be seriously injured.

These are three of the most common types of surgical errors:

  • Anesthesia errors, including too much or too little anesthesia being administered, the wrong type of anesthesia being administered (especially if the patient is allergic to it), and the doctor not monitoring the patient properly while under anesthesia.
  • Neurosurgical errors, including a failure to detect swelling on the brain, cutting into the wrong areas of the brain, not properly monitoring a patient’s vital signs during surgery, accidentally severing the nerves between the spinal cord and the brain, and not providing proper aftercare.
  • Tonsillectomy errors, including bleeding during the operation, postoperative bleeding, and infection after surgery.

Many of these surgery errors can have highly negative consequences on a patient’s ability to heal after surgery, as well as damaging their overall health.

Surgery is supposed to make your life better, not worse. So, if you’ve been the victim of a surgery error, then we can help you at Sommers Roth & Elmaleh with our expert medical malpractice lawyers.

Lab and Testing Errors

Another type of error that hospitals can make is lab and testing errors. These are some of the most frequent types of lab and testing errors:

  • Lost or misplaced samples.
  • Clerical errors.
  • Mislabelled or misrepresented test results.
  • Improper collection of specimens or imaging (e.g., x-rays).
  • Sterilization issues during specimen collection that result in direct harm to a patient.
  • Blood work issues: either transfusion of the wrong blood type or misread samples.
  • False negative on a blood work sample that leads to a missed diagnosis.
  • False positive on a blood work sample that leads to unnecessary procedures or surgeries.

At best, a lab or testing error means you’ll have to spend extra time getting additional tests run or specimens (such as blood) taken. At worst, though, you could end up either misdiagnosed with a disease you don’t have, or not diagnosed at all with an illness you do have!

Situations like these are why it’s so important to have access to expert medical malpractice lawyers.

How can Sommers Roth & Elmaleh help me as expert medical malpractice lawyers?

At Sommers Roth & Elmaleh, we’re here for you in our role as experienced medical malpractice lawyers. If you’ve been negatively affected by a hospital error, then you need expert guidance in pursuing your case.

Hospital errors are more common than you think. As medical malpractice lawyers, we can provide you with information on all of the following:

  1. What kind of professionals can make hospital errors that can impact you, including doctors, nurses, midwives, and technicians.
  2. What kind of hospital errors you can potentially sue for, including failure to diagnose or properly treat a condition, obstetric and pediatric malpractice, surgical errors, and prescription errors.
  3. What kind of compensation you may be entitled to, including:
    • Loss of income while caring for an injured or disabled person.
    • Modifications made to make your home more accessible such as widening a doorway or modifying bathrooms.
    • Attendant care services such as a private nurse or personal support worker.
    • Rehab services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy.

You Aren’t in This Alone

Unfortunately, hospital errors happen every day. These are three of the most common hospital errors:

  • Medication errors, such as a patient being given the wrong dose of medication or the wrong type of medication.
  • Errors during surgery, such as too much or too little anesthesia, a doctor not correctly monitoring a patient’s vital signs, and excessive bleeding during or after surgery.
  • Lab and testing errors, such as lost or misplaced samples and blood work issues, including false negatives and false positives.

We’re medical malpractice lawyers who can help you if you’ve been the victim of a hospital error. We’ll let you know what steps you can take to get compensation and what kind of damages you may be entitled to, including compensation for lost wages and rehab services.

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