Midwife Malpractice Lawyers In Canada

Midwifery is an essential profession in the healthcare field. It is responsible for looking after a mother and her baby throughout the entire pregnancy, labour and delivery process. In Canada, midwives count for a little over a thousand professionals, with the majority practicing in Ontario.

Often, the parents of a newborn may notice some unusual signs in the child’s behaviour or physical appearance. If these signs are not noticed immediately, certain limitations or symptoms might emerge in the child’s body. This leaves parents with doubts and few options on what to do.

In some cases, the injuries that babies suffer result from midwife negligence. This is one of the many forms of medical malpractice in which midwives either mistreat their patients, provide incorrect exams or diagnoses, or conduct a series of wrongdoings (sometimes unknowingly) during a patient’s antenatal care or labour.

This negligence results in babies and mothers alike developing personal injuries.

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What is Midwife Negligence?

Midwife negligence is a form of medical malpractice that can often be difficult to spot at first. However, the parents of the child can look out for signs if they ever start noticing changes in their physical appearance or behaviour. Once they suspect that has been midwife negligence resulting in personal injury, the parents can investigate further.

Midwife negligence occurs when a midwife makes a mistake during a woman’s pregnancy, labour or delivery, and even after the birth of a child. This type of negligence commonly results in illness, infections or personal injuries to a mother and her baby.

Some common midwife errors happen due to the following reasons: untreated illnesses or infections, a lack of attention to oxygen during birth, damage to a baby’s brain, rupture of a mother’s uterus, mistakes with medications or diagnosis, nerve damage caused by pulling or twisting the baby, not consulting an obstetrician when problems arise, or not monitoring a mother closely. The list is long and can bring a series of negative impacts to both the mother and baby.

How Your Baby Could Be Impacted By Midwife Negligence

Newborn babies can be severely affected by midwife negligence and face several problems that can cause long-term physical and mental damage. Some of these issues include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Brain damage
  • Infections
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Stillbirth

Such problems can be related to negligence during labour or delivery, mishandling of the baby, and damage to a baby’s nerves, bones or muscles, which lead to dystocias, palsies or even infections.

How Midwife Errors Affect Mothers

In the same way as babies, a number of physical complications can affect mothers if a midwife commits negligence. Examples include infections, rupture of the uterus, hemorrhage, and strokes.

Aside from physical injuries, mothers also suffer mental distress and trauma. This not only affects them, but their partners, families and loved ones as well.

Filing a Midwife Negligence Claim in Canada

In Canada, there is no timeline for filing a personal injury claim against a midwife. Anyone can file a negligence claim against a midwife, whether it be a mother, her partner, family or friends.

In the case of midwife negligence and malpractice, you can file a claim against:

  • a specific individual who practices midwifery
  • a group of midwives
  • a doctor or team of doctors and other medical staff
  • the hospital institution

To file a midwife negligence claim, you must gather hospital bills, medical records, statements, documents and testimonies from witnesses regarding the negligence. You need to demonstrate either the mistreatment of a midwife towards you, a lack of care on their part when handling your newborn child, or a mistake they made when diagnosing you or reading your exam results.

Successful midwife negligence cases are directly linked to compensation that fully covers any expenses or monetary losses related to medical treatments, medications, special tools or emotional trauma.

When patients can prove that a midwife’s negligence was caused because of a lack of expertise on the midwife’s end, shortages of staff or resources or equipment, or incorrect monitoring and care, the mother may be eligible to receive millions of dollars in compensation.

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