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Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and its main financial and business centre. The law firm of Sommers Roth & Elmaleh services all of Canada, including the great City of Toronto.

Toronto is known as a ‘city of neighborhoods’, as it’s composed of many distinct neighborhoods, each with a unique character. For example, Toronto’s Kensington Market neighborhood offers an eclectic mix of unique foods and crafts originating from all over the world. One could head to the trendy Queen West neighborhood to visit stores offering the city’s most cutting edge fashion. These are just a couple examples of well-known neighborhoods, however there are hidden gems all over the city.

Toronto is home to many well-known institutions including the University of Toronto, Queen’s Park (Ontario’s provincial legislature), as well as universities and hospitals. As the political and cultural capital of Ontario, it’s easy for one to feel that he or she is at the ‘centre of it all’ while in Toronto.

For a metropolitan city of its size, Toronto is unique in the amount of natural beauty and scenery that can be found within it. Toronto is located directly on Lake Ontario, and includes the Toronto Islands on the lake. Toronto’s other most significant geographical feature is its location at the intersection of 3 rivers – the Humber River, Don River, and Rouge River. Toronto is also home to a series of escarpments, portions of which have been preserved in their natural state. The well-known Scarborough Bluffs are a popular place on an escarpment to enjoy a bit of nature within the city.

In terms of population, Toronto is known as a highly multicultural city. People of many ethnicities and national origins from all over the world are represented. These people arrived in various waves of immigration dating back to Toronto’s founding. Specifically, Toronto is home to many people of East Asian, South Asian, Black, Southeast Asian, Latin American, West Asian, Arab, and African Origin.

Sommers Roth & Elmaleh is available to assist the diverse population of Toronto in asserting their legal rights. Our lawyers have many years of experience in medical malpractice and personal injury matters. Our clients have had hundreds of millions of dollars awarded to them over the years.

We are well equipped to handle any personal injury or medical malpractice claims and have unique experience in the following areas:

When your legal rights are infringed upon through someone else’s negligence or battery, you may be entitled to a monetary award. Depending on this extent of your injuries and a range of other factors, you could be entitled to a very substantial monetary award.

If you feel you have been wronged, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation and we will access your legal position and the likelihood of recovering an award for damages. We can be reached at 844-777-7372.

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