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Located along the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and is situated at the center of the Edmonton Capital Region within Alberta’s central region. A population of 877, 926 people live and work within Edmonton, making it the second-largest city in Alberta and the fifth-largest municipality in the country. The Edmonton metropolitan area is home to a total population of 1,328,300 people, making it the northernmost North American city with over 1 million residents.

Proud of its natural heritage, Edmonton is home to the longest stretch of continuous urban parkland in all of North America, and features the highest level of parkland per capita of any city in Canada. The river valley is over 20 times larger than Central Park in New York City, and houses a huge variety of parks from basic campsites to fully-serviced urban parks, and everything in between. Home to the largest remaining healthy population of American Elms unaffected by Dutch Elm disease, this so-called “Ribbon of Green” is supplemented by a large number of golf courses and winter recreation habitats.

With an economy based heavily around the oil and gas industry, Edmonton is the western hub of the petrochemical industries, and contains the largest gas, oil, and oil sands concentrations outside of Saudi Arabia.

No matter the riches of this beautiful northern city, things can still go wrong and injuries can still happen. Whether you are seeking compensation for medical malpractice or an ongoing condition, the experts at Sommers and Roth can help you achieve the best possible results. Recognized across the country as a leader in the fields of medical negligence, obstetrical negligence, and personal injury, Sommers and Roth Professional Corporation is a Canadian-based law firm with decades of expertise in many areas including:

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