What are prenatal medical errors?

What Are Prenatal Medical Errors?

While modern medicine has come a long way in making pregnancy, labour, and delivery safer for both mother and child, prenatal medical errors can still happen. 

In this article, we’ll explain some of the most common prenatal medical errors and why you should retain an Ontario medical malpractice lawyer if you’ve been the victim of a prenatal medical error.

These are the most common types of prenatal medical errors:

  • Failure to diagnose medical conditions in the mother.
  • Failure to diagnose medical conditions in the baby.
  • Injury at birth to either the mother or the baby.

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Failure to diagnose medical conditions in the mother

These are some of the most common medical conditions that are not properly diagnosed during pregnancy. 

Maternal Infections

Women become more vulnerable to infection during pregnancy as their immune systems weaken. One of the most dangerous infections is when the amniotic fluid or fetal membranes become infected.

This is called chorioamnionitis. Chorioamnionitis can cause a variety of complications, including pneumonia and oxygen deprivation, which in turn can cause permanent disabilities in the baby, such as cerebral palsy.

Gestational Diabetes

All women should be screened for gestational diabetes as a routine part of their prenatal care. Gestational diabetes can be managed if it is diagnosed in a timely manner.

However, if it is not promptly diagnosed, it can increase the risk of complications during birth.


Pre-eclampsia can be a serious complication during pregnancy. A mother’s blood pressure must be constantly monitored during pregnancy because this is one of the best ways to detect pre-eclampsia.  

Any of these conditions can have severe consequences for the mother or child if left untreated, such as lifelong health issues. 

Failure to diagnose medical issues in the baby

During pregnancy, prenatal medical errors are not just associated with the mother; they can also happen to the baby. These are two of the most frequent medical issues associated with the baby. 

Failure to Diagnose Umbilical Cord Problems

When a baby is in utero, the umbilical cord is its lifeline. Any damage to the umbilical cord can cause a disruption in the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. 

If this happens, the baby can be seriously harmed or even die. If a medical provider fails to diagnose an umbilical cord problem that should have been detected, and the baby is harmed, then this is considered medical negligence. 

Failure to Diagnose Birth Defect

Significant improvements have been made to ultrasound technology, meaning that some birth defects can now be detected in utero. 

Sometimes, those defects can even be corrected while a baby is in utero or shortly after birth. If a medical professional fails to diagnose a detectable congenital disability, this is considered medical negligence.

You should consult an Ontario medical malpractice lawyer to pursue a medical negligence case if your child’s medical issues were not properly diagnosed.

Injury at birth to either the mother or the baby

Some of the most common injuries that happen at birth to a child are:

  • The baby’s heartbeat drops too low.
  • The child does not receive enough oxygen.
  • A medical professional misuses forceps or a vacuum.
  • Umbilical cord complications.

If any of these happen to a child, they could be injured severely enough that they’ll require lifelong care.

For mothers, one of the most common injuries is an epidural injury. If it’s done incorrectly, there can be a variety of consequences, including hearing loss, post-dural puncture headaches, and epidural hematoma.

Dealing with the consequences of an injury at birth can be stressful and expensive. An Ontario medical malpractice lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Why should I hire an Ontario medical malpractice lawyer if I’ve been a prenatal medical error victim?

A prenatal medical error can have a devastating, lifelong effect on your health or that of your child. At Sommers Roth and Elmaleh, our Ontario medical malpractice lawyers can help you file and pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

There are so many benefits to working with an Ontario medical malpractice lawyer, including the following:

  • We offer a free consultation.
  • We charge nothing upfront and only get paid if we win your case.
  • We have the resources to pursue a medical malpractice case, even if it takes years.
  • We can hire medical experts who can strengthen your case.

Our Ontario medical malpractice lawyers may be able to obtain significant compensation for you if you’ve been the victim of a prenatal medical error.

You don’t have to suffer alone

While most medical professionals will provide expectant mothers with competent care and deliver their babies safely, there are also situations where a mother or baby is a victim of a prenatal medical error. 

These prenatal medical errors can have a long-lasting impact on the health of the child.

At Sommers Roth and Elmaleh, our Ontario medical malpractice lawyers have extensive experience fighting medical malpractice cases, including cases involving prenatal testing errors and birth injuries. 

We can provide you with the guidance and support you need to pursue your medical malpractice case and let you get back to focusing on your family.

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